In short, TRACKERCORPS is a non-profit community focused on music trackers. Our goal is to inspire their use among newer generations, while also providing free, experimental and genre-defying music (or noises)

Initially named 'Renoise Breakcore', it started running in 2021, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, providing a chill and safe place for tracker+breakcore quarantined nerds. Naturally, as the community grew (and specially with the release of the Vol. 1 compilation) we decided to take on the TRACKERCORPS name, while essentially remaining the same.

All releases are under a creative commons license, with free distribution and no money involved. In that sense, TRACKERCORPS works solely as a curator and promoter of tracker music. No strings attached.

Trackers? What?

Music trackers are compact, grid-based and linear digital audio applications. To put it simple, their main purpose is to sequence samples or/and synthesizers. They allow composers to manually input, arrange, and manipulate sounds using MIDI sequencing, pattern commands or audio recordings with precision - all this without having to take their hands off the computer keyboard. In other words, a mouse is optional in most trackers.

They provide a very different approach to music production in comparison to modern Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), such as Reaper, Bitwig, Logic and Ableton Live. Unlike these modern DAWs, trackers have a 'computer keyboard-centered' design and utilize hexadecimal notation.

The first trackers emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They subsequently played an extremely important role in the emergence of electronic music made with computers (remember that synthesizers were already popular when the first trackers were released), helping to shape many different subcultures - notably demoscene and Drum and Bass. Some notable early examples include Ultimate SoundTracker (UST), OctaMED, ProTracker, Scream Tracker and FastTracker. For the modern trackers, some examples are Renoise, SunVox, Jeskola Buzz, MilkyTracker and OpenMPT.

If you're interested, check the documentary below (not afilliated)

What kind of shitty corporation is this, anyways?

None! This ain't no corp. We are just broke ass nerds who happen to really enjoy music trackers.

Our office is just a litterbox located somewhere in Brazil, in a 10m² "apartment" shared with a blue haired Twitch streamer. We also have branches in Poland and the USA, but that's classified.

So yeah... In short, we picked the "-CORPS" suffix so our parents could be proud of something. They think this is a cargo tracking company, by the way, so keep the act.

Names! I want Moderator names!

TRACKERCORPS (originaly Renoise Breakcore) was created in 2021 by Breakcore and Footwork producer amane:og (Poland), who was joined shortly after by our geometric friend and hardware nerd Cubeinthebox (USA).

In 2022 druglord and competitive weed smoker untilde (BR) joined the crew alongside the professional Team Fortress 2 player (and perfect pitch gentleman) sousândrade (BR) - aka Amen, Buroda! or Spongehot Squarebreaks.

The community is currently moderated by these same 4 nerds.

List of artists who have appeared in the 'Various Artists' releases (alphabetical)*:

  1. amane:og
  2. arcade trauma
  3. Beytah
  4. Cubeinthebox
  5. Demover
  7. H3ADL3SS
  8. Hollow Wedding Bells
  9. Jek
  10. Kaidiak
  11. KDN
  12. kamil
  13. luce
  14. Lneheb
  1. Mezzguru
  3. Nathan Leigh
  4. Phosphoros
  5. PR0T0TYPE
  6. protman
  8. Slow Slicing
  9. sousândrade
  10. spongehot squarebreaks
  11. The Ashbrooke Hermit
  12. untilde
  13. UNSX
  14. indek

* Clickin an artist name leads to its official link!